Guidlined for Authors

The article structure:


  • Theproblemformulationanditsconnectionwiththeimportantscientificandpracticaltasks.
  • Analysesoftheresentresearchesandpublications.
  • The aim of the article.
  • The main materials presentation with the complete grounding of the received results.
  • Conclusionsandprospectsofthefurther research.
  • References.

Referencesinthetextareusedinsquarebracketsinthefollowingway[4, p. 56], wherethefirstfigureisthenumberofthesourceandthesecond one is the number of the page.

The order of the material arrangement:

  • UDC;
  • Nameandfamily name (in Ukrainian, Russian and English);
  • Academic rank, position;
  • The title of the article (in Ukrainian, Russian and English);
  • Abstractshouldcontaintheaimoftheresearchandtheusedmethods, thebasicreceivedconclusions. Theabstract should be also presented in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian (500–600 printed symbolswith intervals) and English(more then 1800 printed symbolswith intervals).
  • Keywordsin Ukrainian, Russian and English(8–10 notions);
  • Referencesinthetextareusedinsquarebracketsinthefollowingway [4, p. 56], wherethefirstfigureisthenumberofthesourceandthesecond one is the number of the page.

Arrangingthematerialthefollowingrequirements should be considered:

General volume: 10-12 pages of А-4 format.

Standarts: TimesNewRomantype, 14point, 1,5interval, 1,25indentation, all margins – 2,5,  Wordeditor, RTF type of file.

Thefollowingsymbolsareusedinthetext: quotation marks «…»,hyphen (-), dash (–), apostrophe (’).

Theauthors are responsible for reliabilityofthefacts, citations, namesandotherinformation. Theauthorswithoutscientificdegreeshould add tothearticlethe supervisor’sorotherspecialistwithscientificdegree review.

Редакційна колегія зберігає за собою право на редагування і скорочення статей.

Theeditorialboardhas therighttoeditarticlesandshorten the material.

The separatefileshould be attached to the article with the following information: theauthor’s name and family name, academicdegree, title, positionandfullnameoftheaffiliation, homeaddress, contacttelephone and e-mail.

Видання здійснюватиметься на основі самофінансування, за кошти авторів з розрахунку кількості сторінок та обов’язкової пересилки авторського примірника.

Thepublicationis basedonself-financingattheexpenseoftheauthors.